Filing your taxes with Jackson Hewitt online or in-person is even better with the 50% Jackson Hewitt coupon! You’ve probably seen or used Jackson Hewitt at Walmart, but did you know you can use Jackson Hewitt online as well?

As one of the most trusted tax preparation companies in the country, Jackson Hewitt has prepared millions of tax returns over the past 35 years. 

Jackson Hewitt Online Coupon 

Jackson Hewitt Coupon

For the majority of Jackson Hewitt online deals, the discount will apply automatically. Every so often JH will provide a special discount, like the 50% off Jackson Hewitt deal they have going on right now.  

If you decide to prepare your 2020 taxes online with Jackson Hewitt, it makes sense to take advantage of this coupon early because it’s common for coupons to go away right before the tax deadline.

How Much Does Jackson Hewitt Cost?

If you decide to file your taxes with Jackson Hewitt Online, you may be able to file your simple return for free!  If you’re single or married (filing jointly) with income under $100,000, have no kids or dependents, and take the standard deduction, you could file with Jackson Hewitt for free!

If you do need to use one of their other featured products, you’ll find the Deluxe and Premier options available as shown below. 

Since the products depend on the complexity of your return, you’ll want to maximize your savings with 50% off coupon as well as any other promotions they share. 

Jackson Hewitt Cost

Jackson Hewitt vs TurboTax vs HR Block

You’ll find plenty of options to file your taxes this year, from TurboTax to JH.  If you’re interested in an in-person tax prep service, then Jackson Hewitt and HR Block come to mind as the most trusted brands with in-person offices. 

Jackson Hewitt has commonly set up offices within Walmart while I’ve seen entire office spaces for H&R Block. It can also depend on where you are located.

Jackson Hewitt Near Me

You can quickly check to see if your city has a Jackson Hewitt near you. Or you can take advantage of the latest Jackson Hewitt online tax deal and DIY your taxes this year.

Whether you decide to file your taxes online or find a location, you’ll be able to quickly file your taxes with JH and use their software or helpful tax preparers to find the largest deductions and credits for you.

They have a pretty helpful search feature that allows you to find a physical location in stores and even allows you to sort by language, showing you which locations have Spanish speaking tax preparers.