One of the most popular online tax preparation sites is TaxSlayer. (Especially since they’re offering a 35% off TaxSlayer promo code!)  While they may sound new, they’ve been around since 1965 starting as a family owned tax preparation business.  The company has since expanded into providing high level customer service online through TaxSlayer and is arguably one of the most affordable online tax prep websites available. With free federal and state filing options and reasonably priced premium versions, TaxSlayer is becoming one of the most popular choices among students, families, and small business owners. 

TaxSlayer Promo Code

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Is TaxSlayer Free?

TaxSlayer has a Simply Free version that is great for people with simple tax situations. This version also includes one free state return, which many online tax prep sites do not include!

For students, the free version is great because you can include all your W-2 income and also upload your student loan interest and education expenses.  It’s really the best deal for free student tax prep.

You can start TaxSlayer Classic for free, but if you need to maximize your deductions or report any other form, you’ll need to use the Classic version which runs $17 – a very reasonable rate for online tax prep!  For the price, this is one of the most affordable options for online tax prep. 

TaxSlayer Products and Pricing

Classic – If you’re trying to maximize deductions and credits and have various types of income (W2, 1099, etc) TaxSlayer Classic is the best place to start. This edition allows you to file for all tax credits such as the earned income tax credit, and Child Tax Credit.  All income types are allowed and you won’t run into form or schedule restrictions like other popular tax prep software. 

Premium – Everything in the Classic version is include with TaxSlayer Premium, but you also have access to: 3 years of IRS audit assistance, live chat assistance, and priority phone/email support.  This is basically a time saver as it provides premium support as you file your taxes.

Self-Employed – If you are an independent contractor or small business owner, the TaxSlayer Self-Employed option is going to give you the most flexibility and support. Not only do you get all the features of the Premium version, you get access to guidance on maximizing your work expense deduction. Other features of the Self-Employed version of TaxSlayer include quarterly tax payment reminders and year round tax and income tips when you need it. 

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TaxSlayer Pro

TaxSlayer Pro is used by tax professionals to file taxes for others. If you own a tax business this is the software you’ll need to access TaxSlayer anytime, anywhere you need it.

TaxSlayer Vs TurboTax

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One of the biggest differentiators of TaxSlayer vs TurboTax is the product pricing model.

TaxSlayer provides a unique product model because they charge by the amount of support provided instead of the features of the software.  Whether you choose the least expensive version or the most expensive version of TaxSlayer, you can use the same functionality and have access to all the needed tax forms.  For someone who needs very little support, but wants to have access to the greatest deductions and credits, you can choose the Classic version and save a lot of money. If you want to have the peace of mind for fast customer service and support, choosing the higher tiered products will give you access to greater customer support but does not change the functionality of the tax software you have access to.

TurboTax has a pricing model that charges more based on the software features you need.  For example, you’ll pay more for the Premier version than the Deluxe version if you want to check for more deductions and credits.  If you need to file extra tax forms for side income you’ve earned, you may have to use the more expensive Self Employed option to file the correct forms.  TurboTax also charges for additional customer support and tax audit support.  

For the DIY tax preparer, TaxSlayer gives you the best all around option to access all tax forms at the lowest price. You won’t find that option at TurboTax.  With TaxSlayer, if you don’t need higher customer support, you don’t have to pay for it, which saves you a lot of money each year when you file your taxes.

TaxSlayer Promo Code Pricing (35% Off Applied On Checkout)

TaxSlayer PlanSimply FreeClassicPremiumSelf-Employed
Ideal For:Simple W-2 and Student Loan Interest (1098)All Tax Situations; All Tax Forms.All Classic features and priority support, live chat, and IRS audit assist for 3 years.Best for self-employed, independent contractors (1099 income)

Tax Slayer Center

Fun fact! The TaxSlayer Center is a 12,000 seat arena that opened in 2017 in Moline, IL